We provide for the optimization of the procurement of electrical products from China, in cooperation with the Chinese electronic research institutes and the Chinese industryassociation.

One of our tasks is the procurement of test, measurement and testing equipment in Europe as well as electronic and electromechanical components for our Chinesecustomers, which include in the commercial vehicles, shipbuilding, aviation and petrochemical industries operate.

We inform us about the latest environmentally friendly technologies in Europe fordistribution of electrical and electronic waste recycling projects in China.

We act on behalf of the organic electronic technology of Germany. In this context we are working .together with the great Chinese high-tech company VISIONOX TECHNOLOGYCO., LTD. Our product focus is on OLED displays and OLED lighting.

As a partner of the Chinese network for organic electronics, we organize the cooperation between Germany and China for OLED and RFID projects.